Friday, August 05, 2016

A Trip (through a film) to Nebraska

I've got the chance to see more movies since I renewed my membership with CPL, perhaps because it's free now! However the problem with most of the movies they have is the sound quality is very low. Picture quality is tolerable though. 
One last movie that I just watched was Nebraska. A movie from 2013 that Bruce Dern was nominated for Oscar but didn't win. The movie was nominated for a few other trophies from the Academy but didn't win any. Not that winning an Oscar necessarily mean the movie is excellent. Remember that piece of stinking garbage, Argo? Anyways the movie is nice and basically is about caring about the parents. I'm happy that I will never have to be worried about someone caring about me since I've never had a child! The movie take you with it almost to the end and Dern's act is good. The only film that I had seen from him was The Driver and that was from his early years. 
Nevertheless I liked Foxcatcher better although it's, I admit, a disturbing movie to watch. I watched that at least 3 times and I will buy the DVD for sure but not Nebraska, although it's a comedy film with a good message. Enjoy!
(Photo: Dern in center with his son, in the movie, of course, and Keach on right. The only film I've seen from Keach so far is Escape frpm L. A. which he only has a minor role and that's probably from 20 years ago! Nebraska is made in black-and white)

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