Friday, August 26, 2016

Trans Shit and Fart Highway(!!)

I, once again, had to go to British Columbia for a job interview. Same shit long drive! Started early again so the extreme heat does not bother me. Unlike the previous trips didn't stop even once for photography but stopped for water and coffee of course. The highway was crazy, perhaps because it was Sunday and people were going back home from lakes, campgrounds and provincial parks. Several motor-homes on the road. I saw a few with Kayaks on the top and bicycles in the back. People here just want to kill themselves by trying every fucking thing! 
I then got to Kamloops and drove down south to Hope. It's almost 204 KM. I realized that I had to go almost in the middle of the way and tried to find a resting area! Nothing! Whoever the fucking idiot designed this part of Trans-Canada Highway, transformed it to Trans Shit and Fart Highway because there is not even a spot on the shoulder of the highway that you can pull over and use bushes as restroom! I eventually when it was almost 60 KM to Hope (only half an hour considering the maximum allowable speed) saw a sign pointing at a resting area! Thanks very much! I might as well go to Hope! I bet the facilities in the town are much better. 
(Photo: Kamloops Lake on the right side [north] of Highway No. 1, when you'r driving to west. This was taken during the previous trip when it was wet, rainy and foggy as it can clearly be seen. This time I took Highway No. 5 to south which is the subject of above story)

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