Saturday, August 27, 2016

Surrey Farms

We wanted to pick wild and natural Blackberry and anything else available in British Columbia in this recent trip of mine. The Lady suggested to go to White Rock and Surrey. We stopped at an intersection close to 48th Ave. in Surrey and picked a handful or two Blackberries but they were not as good as what we used to pick back to 2009 or 2010. Extreme heat or lateness in season could have caused that but we enjoyed the true taste a little bit. 
We then after a short break, which was due to extreme heat as well(!), checked a local farm called Surrey Farms. We had stopped there years ago but didn't attract us much. We learnt that Strawberries would be $2 for a Lb, if we picked. We got two plastic bags of our own and picked probably close to a pound only because we were not sure about the quality. This, of course, is an East Indian of Sikh/Punjabi decent business, like most of fruit and vegetable businesses of the area. The Strawberries were the best that I've had so far in my life and I regret now why we did not pick more! If you compare to the stupid, fake, false, tasteless Strawberry you get in a supermarket and rank the supermarket 1, Surrey Farms' is 9! There's that much reference. We also refrained from picking more because it was very hot and sun was burning us! They have other stuff as well, including Blueberry, vegetables of different kind but she said the season for Blueberry picking was over. 
If you are in British Columbia Lower Mainland, make sure to go to Surrey for real and tasty fruit and vegetables and particularly check Surrey Farms at the corner of 152 St. and Colebrook Road
(Photo: A strawberry shrub with a few being ripened and a few others still green. Real Strawberry does not have to be big. Even the small ones could be ripe. The colour is what's important. It should be darker than what's seen in this picture. That's when it's at it's best)

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