Thursday, August 18, 2016

CBC's Become Trash Thrower

There was a time I couldn't wait until 22:00 to watch The national. One reason was of course that I didn't have cable and you could simply use an antenna to get a few channels. The bastards in media industry eliminated that option a few years ago. I guess it was 2012. Now you have to buy a new TV to be able to get as many as 4 or 5 channels without cable. I don't care. I'm not watching TV. 
The other reason was that I was passionate to improve my English language proficiency. In addition to these reason, I believe that the news broadcast (Or broadcasted, both are correct and are considered past tense of the verb broadcast, in case someone wonders!) by CBC had a better nature. Now it has become just a trash distributor! Or perhaps It's because I don't like this piece of stinking crap, phony Justin, The Disgusting Piece of Shit, Trashudu! What A disgusting creature! Or they fucking talk too fucking much about the fucking disgusting the US election! What the fuck can you do about that, assholes? The piece of stinking shit who closed her disgusting eyes to her husband's affair or Trump. Either one wins the election, there's nothing you can do about it. So just shut the fuck up and give a short version. Don't fucking yap about it every night. Or every fucking night they assign minutes to the US shootings! Who gives a fuck? That's their war. Let them fucking kill each other! Are you assholes trying to divert people's mind from what's going on in the country?
There are so many problems in this country which need to be addressed and fixed: Unemployment, home-grown terrorism, environment, you name it. 
I remember once a few years ago there was a note in my mailbox from an MP. He wanted to get the approval of people so he could somehow start a campaign to stop the $1 Billion CBC receives every year! That MP is gone probably but I guess he had a good cause. They say CBC is impartial and neutral. I don't believe that. I'm sick of this much garbage they try to feed to people every night. I've already stopped watching! 
(Picture: Sorry CBC people. You all are in a big stinking garbage bin but you can smell the disgusting odor because you've become part of it! 

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