Monday, August 15, 2016

Stupid Blames on Someone Else

The story of these young Canadian guys who, as it's said here, become radicalized(!) is so funny. Their parents don't care and are too busy with their Red Wine, Barbecue, Mobile Apps(!) and short jeans! , leaving the kids to grow like a mushroom in a forest. No supervision, no direction! They have to find their ways! The kid's exposed to everything from Marijuana and alcohol, under-age sex and all sorts of shit that you can imagine. Some, are troubled and either have no access to the above or are derailed and directed to other things such as radical Islam, as they like to call it here. I found that very hard to believe! Either way the parents are too busy with their own hobbies which some were named above. Others are grown in single-parent families, something that's consider a value(!) in this country! You fuck someone without protection and the result's a kid in 9 month. The person bolts or you ditch her. All of a sudden you're so proud of yourself and everyone's cheering for you because you're a single parent! Imagine the kid who's growing in such a toxic environment! He or she has to deal with the fight that the parents have first to get the custody of the kid. Then the parent, whether a man and woman goes for another partner. The kid might experience as many as I don't know how many partners for his or her Mom or Dad. The poor thing's now confused! This is so fucked up but they're proud of themselves because they're single parents!
Now this woman, I don't know what she was up to when her messed up son made this face for himself and left his country to go fight alongside ISIS! People make up all sorts of stories, study hard or work their asses off to come to this country and use its opportunities and this fucking piece of shit leaves for ISIS because, they say, he has been radicalized! And then they blame that on the Government! When it comes to pay their taxes the Government's bad! But when they don't control their son and the fucking idiot joins the terrorist organization, the Government is to blame! If the Government wants to step in and give people direction, they say the Government's interfering with our life or is too big, or it's not their business! But when they mess around and become clueless, they remember that there's a Government that they need to get help from!
What else do you want from the Government? You have universities, colleges, trade schools, the Forces and so many opportunities that people of many other countries only can dream of! You have so many opportunities here and you just tend to fuck around and blow them and then blame it on the Government that you can't do shit! You're just freaking idiots! That's all what you are. You have the US bordering you and there're many opportunities in there. Should I keep going? So don't fucking blame everything on the Government. That's your fault that you provided no guidance, protection and direction. Don't blame it on someone else.
(Photo: This maniac on right left Canada to join ISIS and got fucking killed alongside them. Just by looking at his face you can tell that he was suffering from serious issues mentally at the time it was taken. Photo courtesy of CBC)

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