Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nailed the Damn Interview

I had another interview this past week which was similar to the one I had passed once. It, in fact, was the exact same thing with a slight difference. This time 3 people were present instead of 4 and they, one by one, read the questions to me. 
I made a mistake at the beginning when the supervisor asked what happened in the last application. I told him that one of the references, my supervisor, didn't give a good reference and I added: I think it was because we had an argument once! Silly me. The guy really didn't like my answer and I thought that would be it! I'm out before even the interview starts! But then corrected myself by saying: It was not an argument. It was a disagreement. He still didn't seem convinced but the interview went on. I finished the answers without them giving me any warning about the remaining time and then they asked me the usual question of: Why did you apply for this job? And I tried to be as convincing as possible. I made them smile a few times because I know how to talk. At the end they asked another usual question which I had read I definitely have to provide an answer for it. The question is: Do you have a question? If you answer by simply saying no then it's no good because it implies that you are not so passionate about the job and don't care much whether you get it or not. So I asked a bullshit question and pretend that I was listening hard! I was all ears! 
One of the interviewers directed me to the exit and said: Good job, while shock my hand. I thanked him and got the hell out of there!
Now that I have passed the interview, I'm not even worried about the references because I have an awesome list of six although one of the bastards declined! This selfish, piece of shit, redneck is a fat-fuck, disgusting obese female who happened to be the fucking landlord. Despite my beautiful relationship with the previous ones in the building, being always polite, greet them as soon as I see them and always be on time for my rent, this disgusting fat-ass has problems with me because obviously I'm not White. If I was a John or Andrew, she would be definitely a different person! Nevertheless I ignored her and told even the person who called and e-mailed for the references, about the woman's stinking attitude! He laughed and said he would simply cross her out because there are 5 more that he can contact. I'm hoping the reference check goes well and then he said he would like to meet with me before the next step which is another interview. Fine. My worry is the damn LPI examination which I will have to write next week. I have studied for that a little bit and it doesn't seem to be hard but the problem with LPI is there's not exact right or wrong answer for 2 sections of the examination: Summarizing and essay. You could summarize a book differently from someone else and the person who scores that could give you more than the other one. Same with essay. An essay might sound wise to one and unpleasant to another. I'm going to study a little more during the week and prepare myself. Another worry of me is a number of documents that I have obtained and might not be acceptable to them, due to differences in provinces. To clear that up I sent of the guys a message and asked to check. Not sure whether it helps but I gave it a try.

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