Wednesday, August 03, 2016

City Budget

One of the things that amazed me the most when I first came to Calgary was this attitude toward keeping everything obvious nice and everything hidden, ugly! You might say this is done everywhere and by everyone but the things that I've seen here, particularly this one, was never seen even in the old country to this extent! It's right that the Third World countries keep the main cities clean and nice and when you go to towns, villages and even the suburbs, all you see is disappointment but here in Canada or more specifically Calgary, they do even worse in major cities!
Who would think that all the back allies in the city is gravel with big potholes in them?! The stupid animal who ordered and then spent millions of dollars on a hideous, stupid, pedestrian bridge over Bow River, I wonder how he never came to this idea that the city should be clean, tidy, organized and nice first and then if anything is left, would be spent on unnecessary things! 
A normal, sane human being would not wear a dirty, worn-out underwear and socks with holes beneath an expensive Armani suit unless he is fucking animal, disgusting, piece of shit like mayor of Calgary, I would assume. I don't know who was that disgusting human-like, pinhead, drunkard who thought first of having a new pedestrian bridge over Bow River. Was that the previous mayor? It should be him because he was the mayor when I came in until this tiny, the current mayor took over! These disgusting human-like creatures, I don't know how they live with themselves! Instead of spending and investing on infrastructure such as public transport, fucking, disgusting, full of pothole back alleys which turns to swamp when it rains and so many other things that the city needs, the fucking dumb asses paid a fucking Spanish to design a fucking unnecessary bridge. These people who wasted tax-payer's money should be prosecuted, charged and send to penitentiary for a long time.  
Now these morons realized how disgusting the city streets look, with the back-swamps and have some money left from this past disgusting winter, they've decided to do a maintenance! This, I'm saying with lots of confidence, that is the first time in many years! I wonder what they would have done, had we not have a mild winter last year! And there're two problems here:

1) They have no shame!
2) The people of the city are two busy with their fucking lives that no one has the time to bring this
issue up, I guess.

I think that's enough. I'm so disgusted by these city people that I'd rather stop here. 
(Photo: This sign has recently seen in parts of the city addressing maintenance of Third World-like allies. Today is 28th and I haven't seen any repairing yet!)

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