Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another F**ed up Hike: Little Elbow Trail

The past two, even three weeks have been really bad for outdoor people. There's a thunderstorm, hail storm or heavy rainfall every day. I was caught three times so far and got soaked to my underwear. With that in mind I checked the weather in Bragg Creek for this past Sat. and decided to do the hike of Mt. Glasgow in the area. Didn't work! 
I was feeling down from the beginning when I set the alarm for 05:00. I woke up earlier and changed it to 05:30! Then when it sounded at 05:30 I remained in bed for a few more minutes until I finally got out around 05:55! I wanted to get a coffee and went to a local 7-11 that The Lady likes their coffee because you could chose whatever you want. It was quite disappointing. I guess they only brew 2 out of perhaps 7 coffees they used to. Looks like not many people are going there to get their cup of Joe. The whole place looked inactive and not alive. I'm not a fan of fast food but when I see a place on the verge of survival, I feel really bad. It's like a person who is losing his or her job and that the worst feeling and I've been having that for almost 10 months now! 
I finally headed south on Crowchild Tr. and then turned to Highway # 8 and then Cowboy Trail and drove all the way to Little Elbow Campground at the end of Highway # 66. I had an old map with a description. So I started the hike at 07:25 on Little Elbow Trail hoping to get myself to Mt. Glasgow. What a mistake. I never went to far. The trail goes parallel to Little Elbow River and then fades! Or at least this is what I saw! Then I realized that the two maps I have each approach the mountain from a different side: One from north and the other one from east! It was cold in the beginning and then became hot after hour and a half when I was already making my mind to go back!
This is another failed attempt and quite honestly I'm sick of going all the way, burning fuel and getting now where. I decided to get a Handheld GPS and use that. The cheapest I found is around $125. I just need to decide whether I will wait until I get a job to buy a better model or just by a basic model and go out. That's the decision to make. 
(Picture: I took this from Little Elbow bridge. It has named after someone but I can't remember that. The campground is on the right and the trail on left. Mt. Glasgow is the third peak from left and apparently the ascend route is from this ridge seen in the photo)

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