Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disgusting Pancake of A&W

I don't like eating out mostly but these days I feel fed up, bored and annoyed at home due to being unemployed. So at times I use any excuse to get the hell out of the apartment! I went to an A & W a few weeks ago and it was pissing down! I didn't know what to have and decided to order a Pancake with a side of Egg and of course a cup Coffee. I recently began to like their Van Houte coffee. It's nice and smooth but the Pancake was horrible! You would feel the flour in the mouth, the plate was dirty and greasy and the egg not seasoned! No fucking salt or pepper. 
I didn't want to argue with the fucking, disgusting Filipinos. These days you see them in almost every fast food restaurant you go. McDonald's is their domain. You see them in A&W and possibly other fast food joint, as I don't go to all. So if you're planning to have your breakfast in A&W watch for the damn Pancake and send it fucking back, ask the disgusting pieces of carp to replace it or make it at home, which would be for the best, like we used to do with Whole Wheat Pancake Mix of Coyote

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