Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Aboriginals' New Gift to Canada

It was in the news that almost 20 major groups or tribes of Aboriginal people from the US and Canada had gathered together and signed  a treaty between themselves to use all of their power and authority to stop any pipeline going through the countries! Great! Thank you all!
The fact that the majority of Aboriginals in Canada do nothing and basically contribute nothing to the society, cannot be denied. They probably cannot get over the fact that Europeans came to their land more than 500 years ago and changed everything! They keep fighting! It's like the dirty and drunkard Native woman who once asked my wife for a change and when she said she didn't have any on her, the Native woman in shabby cloths while barely kept herself stood said: Get out of my country!
I have nothing against Aboriginals and in fact I like them a lot. I had a buddy who was a young Aboriginal boy in my first job. My previous banker was an Aboriginal lady but what can I say. I'm not responsible for the drunkard ones who roam around the streets of Calgary and collect recyclables. These people don't work and don't let the others work as well! I don't say that pipeline have no environmental affects but people have been out of work for months! Revenues are low! Should we just all sit back and look at the sky, counting the clouds going by?! Maybe that's what the Aboriginal like because that what their ancestors used to do more than 600 years ago! 
It's a different world today. I bet the ones who agreed to the new treaty are all the ones who by big pick-up trucks and for themselves without giving a Penny to their tribe members. This was in the news a while ago. The only remaining point here is why they have not opposed to the new pipeline in BC for LNG?! Have they missed it? Is that because the pipeline is for Liquefied Natural Gas and not Crude Oil?! A pipeline harms the environment. Won't' the other one?
(Photo: This map shows the north part of BC where the project will take place, if approved)

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