Thursday, December 01, 2016

American Hustle: Nonsense

There are times that I start watching a movie and then as much as I try, I realize I can't continue. For a while I had not have an issue like that until I came across this movie American Hustle. I found it so fake, unreal and phony. I tried it for the second time with the hope that I overcome my dislike, not that it was a big deal or something but I realized that I could not just sit back and listen to their nonsense, particularly because like many recent movies, it's said that it's based on actual events! 
I'm not even going to point at parts and scenes of the movie, not because it'll be a spoiler alert as I'm sure whoever wanted to see it, had watched it  by now but that's it. Not a movie which attracts me.
(Photo: Amy Adams in a scene of the movie. Images like this and girls like Adams is one of the reasons many went to see the movie and came out disappointed!)

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