Sunday, January 08, 2017

A Faceless Guy!

I don't dream much. I dream under two circumstances only:
1. I have too much for dinner.
2. I'm dead tired.
However I had a strange, short dream the night before. I guess what happened is I was not able to sleep due Gout. I swallowed a pill and went back to the mattress. The dream was that there was a guy in a navy suit looking right at me but he was faceless! I think I was sitting at a table, probably a dinner table because it was all dark around and the table seems (now!) round to me! It felt that he was looking right at me, in the dream, with no eye or any face feature! He looked like an extended neck or a thumb! I don't know whether dream interpretation really means something or not but I found a few meaning for that which I guess everyone can connect with one, at least, depending on his or her situation!
(Photo: The guy in my dream was somehow similar to this portrait)

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