Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Recovery

The Chef called me surprisingly just yesterday afternoon when I was going for a walk after my exercises! He wanted to know what had happened and I told him with some exaggeration, of course! I told him that we were near a scuffle and he threw me out! He bought it and said that it was good that I had not been drunk, or we would have been beaten each other seriously! He's right but I would never get that drunk that I cannot recognize my actions! He never apologizes for his behaviour and thinks that is usual! I don't expect that from him either!  
He then invited me over and I went! I don't know why I did it but I did because I needed someplace to hang out! When I got there I realized that it was about him moving out! We saw two different places together, one The Brave's and the other one a Latino's somewhere miserable in a really small townhouse. He liked neither of them because The Brave told him that he would not be allowed to smoke and drink and the other place was horribly small and there grown-up men were supposed to live there, plus a damn dog, which had to be restrained when we were seeing the place! However the bad condition has led him to prefer The Brave's place because it's close to his place and he would have a sort of privacy of his own in the basement. 
I contacted The Brave and told him the story. These guys had both refused the other's proposal previously! The Brave had said that he would not rent the place to him because he believes that The Chef drinks! I didn't tell him that he was right and The Chef actually drinks heavily! The Chef in turn said that he would not want to live in a dirty basement and in a person's house who violates his privacy and right! Both then took steps back! 
The problem this time is that The Chef is short in cash due to his extreme stupidity! Just a few days ago he sent some money to one of his brothers and now he's in trouble. The Brave said he would not accept any delay in the damage deposit and first month rent. The Chef, in the meantime, hesitates to ask anyone, not even the ones who borrowed money from him and never returned that! 
So he's supposed to prepare the balance today and we're going to The Brave's as we told him The Chef has the money now! Let's see if he actually can prepare the balance which is only $200!
(Photo: This Chicken Platter although was not good at the beginning but then came out nicely after The Chef added some more spice. I guess if we had used a bigger tray, it would have come out much better or perhaps we must have used something that didn't hold all the juice from the chicken and vegetables. That was my suggestion as I knew he had chicken in his freezer. We had it with Pita Bread and was delicious)

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