Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Second Appreciation

I don't know if I wrote about this or not but I was recognized for one of the volunteering jobs that I have been doing and was given a cheque! It's not a significant amount but it's something that many have to work for it for hours. That was in the last year of course and then again, in the last year(!), I was recognized again but I didn't post that because I wanted to make sure that I receive the cheque and I received it today. So it's great! But that is not all! Again this Jan. I received the message that I had been recognized, for the third time, this time for the month of Dec. which is wonderful. I haven't received this cheque yet but I thought I should write it. Or perhaps there's a mistake because they normally do not recognize a person two months in a row! However I will give it to the end of the month and will notify the organization if I don't receive the third cheque!  

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