Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Sinking Ship

I and The Chef have been in touch for the past week or so as he's trying to find a place to live. He has been having problem with mortgage of the place he and his fucking stupid so-called friend purchased a little more than a year and half ago. He called me to his place last night and when I got there I realized that he was drunk, as usual! After a few minutes we decided to go to the nearby Superstore to get a pair of fish for the oven. His situation appeared to go from bad to worse! He was clueless in the supermarket and I left him at the checkout because obviously I didn't want to pay! He got a pair of these full-of-bone damn fish called Tilapia. I couldn't convince him to get something better like a Trout or Salmon as he believed they were too expensive. 
We then stopped at their liqueur store and he got a bottle of some sort of alcoholic beverage for $18! It was in their, at the cash, when he exchanged a word with a guy! He asked him if there was a problem and the guy, by having a look at his disgusting appearance(!) tapped him on the back and said: " No one can have a problem with you buddy! " 
We went home and he was completely out of the world. He was slurring and mumbling and couldn't control himself! There was some Zucchini left from the night before (that we had prepared together), I know there would be no dinner soon and beside I don't like that damn Tilapia, so I heated them up and ate them. He grabbed a bite too. 
Lucky me that he didn't open the new bottle. He was not able to concentrate and he was standing and staring aimlessly. This had happened before a few times and on circumstances I had left but I still wanted to try some of that fish(!) and also I knew there was Ice Cream in the freezer(!) and I didn't want to miss that although it was only two small scoops. Most of it had been eaten by me the other night! 
This is the Zucchini we made the other night (not last night) and it was incredible! Just the way The Chef selected the spices is tremendous! It does not look like it is delicious but it is actually scrumptious!
For a moment I decided to find the booze's receipt, grab it, get the hell of there and return it to the liquor store and get the money and in fact I find the receipt but never get the chance to grab the bottle from the counter. He was sitting there and looked suspicious and dangerous! Now that I think I realize what mistake I would have done, had I taken the bottle out! The receipt was for another item purchased from Co-Op while we purchased that bottle from Superstore's liquor store!
The fish got ready and I took it out of the oven. I tried a few bites and it was as awful as always! He started eating too and I took the Ice Cream out of the freezer. I took one spoon and he took the other one in the middle of his fish. Then he got mad and said a few curses. I knew he was not OK so I let it go and then decided to leave. I guess it was around 23:00 or something that I left him at his hideous table with his awful fish! 
The Chef is truly a sinking ship as one the guys who we both used to hang out with said once! The Loyal is the guy who even was a roommate of his and now stays away from him like everyone else! I guess I'm the only one, from the circle of guys who used to gather in his place for booze and food, who still hangs out with him and that truly is for food and was for booze too(!) but I don't drink now because of my Gout! There are other guys who frequently call him but they are all people who either need something or find a benefit for themselves in him. I have just some extra time that I can only spend with a person who has no family or responsibility, like The Chef!
I wanted to tell The Loyal's story last year but it was postponed and never got written. I might get to that as it's an interesting one and must be told. In fact I have started it and have a draft of that available. He was right: The Chef's ship is sinking and there might be a limited number of ways to stop it.
  • He's losing his home. 
  • He owes some $5000 on a credit card
  • He has been given a number of warnings because of being late at work and I guess if he receives one or two, he'll be kicked out after 10 years of service!
  • His car is so broken that it might fall apart any minute but he heavily depends on it as the main means of transportation 
  • His brain is affected by the amount of alcohol he has been drinking for years
  • His eyesight is shit without his glasses
The list is going on but I better stop here. I can't help him.
(Photo: I selected this picture because this is most likely what happened to him last night! He was confused and was not able to even find the words he needed to express himself!)

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