Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Too Much Stress

I finally got recovered from a Gout attack about 10 days ago and went back to my regular work-out to get ready for the Basic Officer Military Training Qualification Test when I received an e-mail from this guy asking for my High School Transcripts! It was odd! If I'm going to join as an officer and they have already reviewed my documents why the hell are they asking for High School?! I have no idea! So I e-mailed him back and I said that they are not here. Also asked for the affect it might have on my application. No answer! 
I finally went to their office after a week. I was told over there that both of the people who were, one as the sender and the other as the recipient (CC), were in a meeting. I asked the guy, whom was uniformed to check. He came back in 5 min. or so and said everything was good and he had no idea why they had asked for such document! I told him I would contact them for confirmation next week, if they don't come back to me tomorrow! It seems that they were mistaken for whatever reason but that cost me a few nights of sleep and lots of stress! 
As well when I went for my regular work-out a few days ago, in the second set of forceps exercise (100 Lbs. for 9 times, 4 sets) I felt a pain in my left shoulder! I immediately stopped the exercise and went back to the apartment. I don't know what the cause of that might have been. I warmed up by cycling for 10 min. (some 80 Cal.) and I moved my arms and hands. I had a good sleep the night before that. This had happened to me before and went away by resting but gave me new concern. As my buddy A. F. said, it seems that I can't get a break! First the long, painful Gout attack! Then the stupid request for unrelated document and now chest pain! Will I ever get to a career I like and retire there?! I'm trying to!
(Photo: I try to keep myself afloat and not give up but sometimes it's too much. I keep telling me to calm down but it's not always helpful)

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