Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Lair Has Short Memory

The other day I was in a supermarket for a snack and I was reading ingredients of a number of popular ones. All full of disgusting chemicals and preservatives which I've written about previously. This Triscuit I like a little because it has less shit compare to other products. However I checked one particular flavour for the amount of sugar and realized that it says it doesn't have any. Zero grams! Good! Then when I looked at the ingredients part sugar is seen there. One might say that the amount of sugar is so low that it's insignificant enough to be mentioned but what if someone has problem with the least amount of sugar? I'm not diabetic but I like to see what I'm eating. Besides many types of starch foods (or for a fact all of them!) turn to sugar in body. Pasta, potato, rice, etc. So you always have to watch the amount of sugar you're taking. Whether these guys are liars or simply made a mistake, I must say I'd classify them under the second group. A big company must double check its product box before sending it out. Millions read and rely on that. 
I have something else for another producer and I will write about it later after I report them to Industry Canada or a similar authority. 
(Photo: The nutrition and ingredient section of a type of Triscuit product shows 0 g. sugar while it is seen as one of ingredients!)

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