Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Extreme but Beautiful Cold

This year we are experiencing the true winter of Alberta! It got really cold again in the past few days and today around noon I decided to take a walk beside Bow River. I don't know whether it was extreme cold, laziness or what that made me go back to the car only after 30 min.!
In the evening though I told to myself that I should get out. Sitting at the damn table and doing just a little is not good. Besides I exercise at the gymnasium every other day. Then I should walk or jog every other days of the week. I got out and that was not too bad. only -23 ℃!
An Overpass on Memorial and Downtown in the background. Although sunny and beautiful but it was brutally cold. You can tell by looking at the smoke coming up from the high-rises. For some though this is a time for some jogging fun. I've become lazy and haven't done that for a while or maybe focusing on another type of exercise!
 I guess I was able to walk for nearly 1.5 hour because first there was no wind and then I had some food and they were being consumed and providing me with energy in comparison with the noon's walk that I had barely had anything but my small breakfast. 
I told myself: Today I'm someone who's afraid of walking in the cold. Tomorrow, what would be that I'm afraid to do!?
(Photo, top: I rode the train just for one station on my way back and had the chance to take a photo from the electronic board to prove how cold it is!)

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