Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Forth Time Being The Best!

This month I was waiting for the message to come and tell us volunteers to do for Feb. There was no message until the 9th which is very unusual. So I contacted the manager and he replied back the next day and said that he had been too busy to send the instructive message out. When it came I realized that I had been selected as the one who has contributed the most and I had been recognized for that for the 4th time and the 3rd consecutive month! 
While this is very encouraging and pleasing at the same time, the fact that the other participants are busy with their career and personal life should not be overlooked! I have no job and no personal life at the moment(!) and in the months of Dec. and Jan. which people are busy with Christmas, New Year and vacations I dedicated the most with Jan. being the highest in number of contributions. I'm pretty sure that if other participants or better to say volunteers cared as much as I do, the result would be different but at the same time I believe that I have been doing a good job and deserve the recognition award, the money which I'm expecting its forth one to come soon. 

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