Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Brave's Brave Move!

I've written about The Brave, my first landlord and almost a friend. He helped me a lot when I came to Canada but misled me as well. He was a mess at the time. Out of work, his wife had left her with two kids and other problems. Today he's a different man. Almost done with his divorce and married again. He's been remarried for nearly 8 years now(!) and has two kids, one boy and one girl from his Oriental wife! It makes sense. The guy didn't want to stay single for the rest of his life and remarried. Many men do that. It's understandable so far. What surprised me was his move to a new house, almost 2.5 times the price of the house that I was staying with him, 3 times bigger and in a much nicer neighbourhood! He says the house worth some $850,000 and the newly issued city assessment (appraisal) shows its value over $1,000,000! The second part must just be exaggeration but I saw the house and it well worth the value he says he has to pay. 
He told me several years ago that he had brought some money from his native motherland but I still find it hard to believe that he was approved for such an extravagant mortgage while still paying back the loan he has for the old house, has a big family to feed and I hardly know about his job, if he has any! I want to say it's a brave move but I also would like to add that it's very risky especially the way he treats that woman! I don't know why him and his former wife were separated but what guarantee does he have that this one will not?! 
The kids are small now, one of them less than a year, I guess. When they grow and a little easier to manage, the woman might not have the same interest in The Brave considering the treatment she receives from him and their age difference. There are many more to it but I rather not to go deep especially because I hope that will never happen but again, he gambles his life and gambles big! 

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