Monday, February 27, 2017

Back to Jogging

I had not jogged for nearly 2 months. In Christmas time I once went to Bow River Pathway, where I usually jog and after I felt a sever pain in the back of my right knee, where, I guess, a major tendon is located. That was not the first time but felt really bad in a way that I could barely walk. So I went to a clinic, or perhaps I should say that I went to an emergency clinic, where I'm not going to name here because one bastard female nurse turned me down months ago! Quite surprisingly they admitted me and a physician examined me. I think they even took an X-Ray photo and then he gave me a paper for some Ultrasonic or something similar test, which I have not done it up until now yet! 
Anyways I told myself that I've been lazy in the past two month. I need to do some jogging and running. So I checked the weather and it showed damn cold: -16 ℃ and considering the damn windchill around -21℃! I said to myself that it was probably not a very pleasant environment to run in for someone who hasn't ran for nearly two months but then pushed myself and left the damn apartment.
It was cold and I had to use a Balaclava (not Baklava!), which I had bought nearly 2.5 years ago, gloves, hat and every other damn thing. It was not bad. I kept a good speed and kept it for 21 min. and although I'm a little tired now, I feel not too bad. 
Not much time is left to the day I would have to participate in some sever exercise and I don't feel very good but I still have time to recover.
(Photo; Although not taken today but this part of Bow River was passed by me today as well as the day I took the photo. Temperature was probably the same. Extremely cold!)

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