Thursday, May 11, 2017

CFLRS Notes (11): The Player

Similar to any other environment, working or school, CFLRS is not asshole free! One of the disgusting ones is this disgusting scum who, when I was put on rest, lived next to me. Every afternoon after the daily work when I would go back to the cubical, this asshole played his stupid instrument! He only knew one song and he was terrible at it! It was so load and as he was very bad at it, it never had a pleasing sound! Luckily and I don't know how it happened, one day out of the clear blue sky he was moved out of the section and I did not have to listen to his stupid noise! 
The other issue with this asshole, who thinks is very smart, is that he once decided to teach us French! I have absolutely nothing against that, as long as the teacher know what he or she's doing. This idiot didn't:
Here we are in the classroom for the first time and instead of starting from alphabet and how they sound in French and then continuing with simple words, the idiot writes a few words and numbers on the word and asks us to repeat after that! I wanted to leave the room but I don't know why I didn't and even participated a little bit! Instead to show him how much I admire his knowledge and teaching skills, I didn't go to the second and third class and I'm sure he realized that! 
Some might criticizing for ignoring the guy's efforts but if something is not done in its right way, I will not waste my time on it and I don't care what he feels. I always try to be friends with everyone and share my knowledge and learn from them but this asshole should simply be ignored.

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