Sunday, May 07, 2017

CFLRS Notes (10): A Nice Fight

Fighting, physically of course, in any work-place in Canada gets at least one of the sides, if not both, fired. It, I have to indicate that, who witnesses that. If it's where authorities witness that, it's very hard to get away from it. In other situations there are chances. All of the work-place fights I witnessed, or heard of goes back to Cargill Food Solutions days, more than 11 years ago! People, mostly from poor countries, would think that they were still in their country and fight each other and would get fired. The winner of those fights (or better to say the loser!) were mostly Afghans! I also once witnessed a very nice fight between a Lebanese fat-fuck and a skinny, tall Caucasian guy. I don't know what triggered the Lebanese asshole but he called the skinny guy White boy a few times, I remember! They eventually went at it and in a second the locker room turned into a battleground! Other worked were trying to split them. The Caucasian guy's collar was grabbed by the fat guy. The Caucasian who had long arms, I remember, landed a good punch on the Lebanese body, most likely his face. I don't remember much after that, what the hell happened to them but that clearly is still in my mind after years.
Now back to the fight in CFLRS that was about to get serious here. We were lined up for our P. T. and I complained about the number of people who would participate, stating that would make it hard. People, two guys didn't like it! It's always like this there. People dislike it when you criticize or question something! Or perhaps it's better to say that they dislike you! So they make opposing remarks! One of them said that I had to get used to it and the other one said something as stupid as the other's remark! I wanted to say something that shut them both up but I went easy and said like: ... publish your smart ideas in your local newspaper!
They didn't like it but the problem was another guy, a short one, who kept saying that we should be quiet! One of the guys kept arguing and then asked what it was that I said about the local newspaper! I ignored him but one of the guys, who was standing next to him, didn't like it that we were still talking and wanted us to stop talking. He made a fist and got it within probably half an inch from the other gay's face! The other one who was much taller said: Go ahead! Do it! People then jumped and separated them because they knew that not only gets them pinched really hard (I don't know if they would have been fired or not) but that would have probably had an affect on the rest of the guys as well! However had the fight happened it would have been a nice one because the start was good! 
(Photo: Soccer, everywhere, has always been the cause of trouble. Things that happen in soccer you barely see in other sports. Here Polish fans are beating on a Russian fan during Euro 2012! These two countries has always had problems I don't think it's possible to distinguish between Poles and Russians if they don't have something on with their country's logo or flag!)

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