Thursday, May 18, 2017

HMCS Montreal

This week we got a chance to go to Montreal and board HMCS Montreal! It's a RCN's Halifax class frigate which has been in service since early 90's. I'm not writing anything about the ship here because it's all available in the Internet. The things which are not available are the things shouldn't know. The ship was docked in old port and was open to the public. We were welcomed by an officer lady and a number of internal parts were shown to us. I think if a member of the public had stepped in, they would have shown them the same but I'm not sure. We were shown the staffs hang out (which is separated and is based on the ranks), a few public places and the control room which was very interesting to see with the monitors and equipment. 
The ship diving team had a demonstration. I'm not usually patient around the people who explain things to audience (if I can call ourselves that!) so when it came to the time that firefighters (one of the most important teams on a ship) wanted to explain things got the hell out of there and walked around the deck a bit and looked for picture opportunities. Unfortunately due to obvious reasons I was not able to take a good picture. Even the ship was not in a position that could create a nice photo. So after talking to a Able Seaman, who was a young fella and taking a group photo, we left the ship and headed for the school. 
Overall it was not a bad visit. What can you see in a warship?! It's a military mobile base and people should be thankful that they are let on board! At least got the chance to see the inside of the ship after getting on board. When I was in B. C. 10 years ago I got the chance to see HMCS Vancouver but I was late to get on board. I remember that on that day I saw crew with rifle on the deck and This is I asked the Able Seaman. He said that the ship might have been docked in a different security level environment which makes sense now. I hope I can get on such a ship one day and I will work hard for that.
(Photo: HMCS Montreal's logo is seen above the bell. I should have asked what that bell was for. It's for announcement but it seems to be ceremonial only. I will either learn on board a ship or get a chance to ask one day! You can see one of the main entrances to the ship and that is the one we used to go inside although it says Ship Staff only)

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