Monday, May 01, 2017

CFLRS Notes (7): The Clinic

There's a big clinic in the garrison. Who thought there would be a need for that?! ... Well ... It definitely is a must in an environment where all sorts of injuries happen. However you need a variety of specialist with good experience. Unfortunately there's neither specialty, nor experience!
I first ended up going to the clinic when I had pain in my left knee and my left calve was swollen twice its normal size! I realized one afternoon but I ignored that. It must have been the result of continuous working my feet: Going up and down 5 floors few times a day, marching, running, squatting, you name it. 
One day we did an intense exercise and then in the afternoon there was a march drill. I thought I should go to the clinic. I found a time that it did not interfere with any course. 
After waiting for a few minutes I was examined by a physician (I assume) in uniform (I rather not disclose the rank). There I was told that I might have had a blood clot!! 
I'm quite familiar with that condition. The Screamer, the fucking, disgusting, human-like, animal, in the previous work has that. He had to go for blood test every day and take medications. The presumably physician prescribed me a pill (a blood thinner) and told me that I was in dire danger! He warned me not to fall(!) and said that I should go to the local hospital tomorrow morning to make sure that the condition exists through Ultra-sound test. That was it. The next morning I was driven to the town's hospital and as I knew it was found out that I didn't have any clot in my veins or vessels! 
That kicked me back for more than probably 2 months(!) because I missed a mandatory course the morning that I was sent to the hospital and after that I was automatically sent to TRP section!
TRP is for the people who are re-coursed, meaning they have to stop their course and start it later. It's a terrible experience and makes you lazy for the time you have to go back to a platoon again but that is what it is. Generally the clinic staff are very polite, helpful and nice but not skillful and experiences as said in the beginning. As a Master Corporal told me once and I only quote here: If you're good at what you're doing as a physician, why would you join such clinic? Unless you were the last one in your class, there would be no other reason for that!
(Photo: This areal picture of the garrison [not sure by whom and hopefully they don't mind shows the clinic on the lower right corner)

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