Saturday, May 06, 2017

My Yoga Practices: Class 1

Note: This post covers an even which took place over a year ago (Not that anyone cares! 〠)
I decided to do something new last year. Something that I had not have tried: Yoga. But it was not simply Yoga. It was naked yoga. So when I saw the advertisement with a little photo I was quite excited. The drop-in fee sounded reasonable just to try for once to see how I feel. Imagining in a room full of nude people, hopefully mostly women was very exciting! At the same time I was nervous because I was not sure how it would turn out. Just meeting new people causes enough anxiety. You add being naked to it, It doubles the nervousness! I had not have a good sleep in the past 2 days before the session. One day because of the asshole neighbours playing their music loudly past the midnight. The other night because I woke up early for a hiking trip and that turned to a complete disaster and I, not only wasted time and money of gasoline, not to mention mileage on the car, but also didn’t get anything out of it. So I tried to go to bed early and compensate but couldn’t go earlier than 12:15 AM. Thoughts would come from all direction, particularly because I had lined up another meeting for the week, with a different nature but with some similarities: The most important one being meeting new people. I usually am not very sociable unless I know the person. It’s tough to act in a way that people are happy! Or it's better to say it's hard to make everyone happy. 
Anyways it didn’t take long to fall sleep but for whatever reason I woke up around 02:30 and hardly could go back to sleep! I turned and tossed but then I looked at the clock and it was 03:30 and I was still awake! I know it’s stupid but I couldn’t do anything! Eventually at the designated hour, before the alarm clock goes off, I dressed and headed toward the studio.
The first disappointment was that the other person who had signed up for the class rather than me appeared to be an old man in his late 60’s! I know there are unisex names but this, I didn’t expect. He already was undressed and was sitting on his mat. The instructor, on the other hand was wonderful. We chatted for a few seconds and she started to take her top off. I started undressing at the same time. She then took her shorts off and there we were three naked persons in the room. She had a very attractive body with tattoos on her thigh, forearm, legs, shoulders and back, right above the hips, where it’s very common within women. The tattoos made her very sexy. In addition to that she was tall with prominent breasts which looked still firm and uphold. I remember clearly that her left nipple and bellybutton were both pierced and the nipple was just amazing. Big, brownish and stiff, jotted out of her big breast. That was the left one and was very sexy. Her nipples were all the time prominent and not just like some women who their nipple is flat. Some women you have to pinch their nipple or suck or bite it to get it out but theirs were upright all the time. That was one of the things which made her look very sexy. Now just writing about it makes me hard but at the time I didn’t get much of erection because normally when the body is tired, there’s not much activity going on down there! I hope next time I'm there I get a good, steady and long erection because I want to see her reaction to that. When I asked her originally about erections, before going to the meeting, she said I would have to breath and erections come and go. I really hope it comes and doesn't go during the next session!
Her pubic hair was trimmed nicely and although the room was not completely lit, just to give the relaxing atmosphere, I could see that. Due to the positions we had toward each other and I’m sure she selected them to expose less of herself, I didn’t get a straight look but during the exercise and bending and moving, I saw the outer labia and I should say that they looked good which for a woman in her late 30’s is awesome. She had a very nice and sexy belly as well. I like that in women and that pierced belly button gave it more glamour, I would say. The skin looked so soft that it's smoothness would please the eyes, not to mention touching! And no extra hair. I should say that I studied her body throughout the exercise whenever I had the chance and the above is not something you could get just by a glimpse. The only negative point about that lady was her ass. She does not have a sexy ass and while her skin is, I'm sure, as smooth as silk and just tells you to kiss and caress those cheeks, when she walks, or stands, you don't see that roundness that a sexy ass normally has. And about her butt-hole, I can't say anything because although she bent over with her back almost towards me, a few times, I didn't get a chance to see what I love very much in women, their butt-hole. All the positions she were in when she bent over required the legs to be close to each other.
She started the practice or maybe I should say moves and while explaining she showed them as well. I tried to keep up as much as I could and I have to admit that it really was good. It actually was awesome. Some of the moves really were challenging for me and I’m a kind of a guy who exercises almost regularly. After a while which I can not say how long it was, I started sweating like a pig and droplets would fall on the mat and the floor. During one of the bending and diving, I looked down on my penis and I realized that a long string of liquid, or pre-cum was hanging from the tip of my penis’s head and was about to land on the mat! Fortunately it was dark and she didn’t notice that and when later she rolled the mat, I guess, she probably would think it was a droplet of sweat! This was the reaction of my tired body to the situation and her body. I didn’t get hard but my body reacted that way. The one hour session passed very smoothly and I got the chance to check her out from different angles. Unfortunately when she was showing a few moves which she spread her legs, she sat sideways so I didn’t get a good look at the front area rather than the fantastic breasts, of course. We relaxed on the floor at the end while a nice music was being played, some East Indian. At the end the relaxing moment with the light out, the good smell of some kind of perfume that she sprayed and a little touch on the feet by her was very good. So I decided to go if the group size was at that level because I had already checked and realized there were groups of 6 or 7 and mostly men! So why the hell would I go to such a group! I also realized some of the women who attended, came with their partner. So I guess that’s the practice because I didn’t see any woman by herself. For that reason I decided to check every session before I go. The fact is if I’m going to a yoga class and I want to exercise and pay that much, which actually is very good, I’d rather to go where I can see naked women, not some old fart with a penis hanging in front of him like a mouse tail! So now I’m looking forward for the next session to see what will be available to enjoy both in terms of scenery and exercise. Not to forget that having an erection in front of women who can see your penis at any moment is fun enough by itself. This actually reminds me of a meeting that I once had with a girl, not a girlfriend of course, a girl classmate, years ago. I went to SAIT on my bike and had cycling short with nothing underneath. We were sitting and chatting and I guess we wanted to go somewhere to study or get a coffee and for a reason that I don't remember I had a hard-on and the penis was lying on my right thigh! When I stood up to leave I caught her eyes looking at the bulge but she said nothing nor did anything. I guess most of the girl wouldn't do anything under the circumstance unless we were close or she was horny!
(Photo: This is called Crow Pose and I liked it. This I used to do when I was a little kid and I have no idea what it was called but it was a type of challenge within the guys of my age! Now I see it maybe 30 years or even longer after that. Our instructor did that when she was doing it in front of us. So there was no back or side nudity like this photo here!)

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