Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good Dream

I rarely dream about people. To complete that I barely dream about anything! The number of my dreams are so low that I can remember the last two dreams that I had! 
Nevertheless this is really rare and although it was short I wanted to get it down before it completely is erased from my memory. This dream of mine was about The Lady but before telling it here I have to say, although not pleasant, she left me and we no longer together. It devastated me but I'm trying to stand straight. It's a long story that I don't want to write it down.
The dream simply was that she was coming back with her beautiful smile and wanted to be with me. Simple as that. She called me more than a month ago (I don't even have the exact day) and said that was the last time we were talking. She obviously was very upset but probably not because she was leaving me. Mainly because that she felt that the 7 years that she lived with me was a waste! 
I truly don't know what that dreams means or it has a meaning at all. I try to get her out of my mind not that I don't want her back. I truly believe that she'd be happier, if she can find a decent person. She asked me not to call her again and I'm going to listen. As I said earlier it's a long story but I apologized to her several times in person and on the phone and promised her that I would be the person she wants but she rejected that. What can I do? I hope a happy life for her. Any ideas?

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