Saturday, May 13, 2017

CFLRS Notes (12): The Cheater

One of the other disgusting human-like creatures that I wanted to mention here is this fucking tiny asshole East Indian guy whom I call him The Cheater. I have no issue with anyone from any background and in fact I sat with him for a meal when he first showed up in our group but then I realized what kind of nasty animal he is: This disgusting no-moral, no-ethics, cheap bastard was kicked out of his platoon because he failed four major tests! There's nothing wrong with that to this point. Not everyone is physically fit for the things that CAF asks in CFLRS. We went to P. T. one day and this nasty animal was with us. We're obligated to have a shower after every session of P. T. Some don't because they're either lazy or slow. Some are both! We were asked to present our towels after we lined up. We were about to be checked to see whether we had shower or not. This motherfucker cheater with one another asshole were the only cheater amomgst the whole group! He was standing there like a motherfucker with a big horn in his asshole (literal translation from mother tongue!). The other day we were lined up after P. T. again and this time another asshole was late so we were asked all to go to push-up position. I looked over the corner of my eyes and I realized that the motherfucker cheater has his knees on the floor!  
This is the type of animal I hate the most in CFLRS and will try to get rid of them in any possible. The funny thing about this asshole is that the trade that he has selected is not what he claims that he has been educated for. He plans to switch trades after a certain time. His contract with CAF is for 9 years but he's not allowed to make the switch happen before 8.5 years! This is how life screws a motherfucker cheater!
(Photo: for this post I selected this photo which I truly believe in. I hope every scum who cheats the CAF system loses and loses big time, including The Cheater!)

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