Friday, May 05, 2017

The Miserable Weather of Quebec!

When I lived in British Columbia, or to be specific, the disgusting Lower Mainland, one of my main concerns was its damn weather: Raining most of the time! I hated that! Here, in Quebec, it doesn't look it's much better than there! It hasn't rained for a few days but the cold weather and chilly wind still exists. I just checked the weather and I realized that there will be rain for the rest of the week and even the next week! Thanks!
It's been either rain, snow, extreme wind, snowstorm or chilly weather since I came here. Probably as many as 3 sunny days! 
I don't have big plans for the weekend. Where can you go without a proper vehicle?! You're like a crippled person(!) but I wanted to have a walk around the town which now seems far fetched especially with the damn cab fees here! The damn cab charged me $9 for a 3 Km ride last weekend!
(Photo: Bad picture! I took it when I was being driven from P. E. T. International Airport to Saint Jean Sur Richelieu. The damn ride cost me more than $100(!) and like most of the days the weather was shitty! Dogs and cats coming down!) 

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