Wednesday, April 04, 2018

A Good Physical Test

** Notice: If you're offended by even mild sexual content, please avoid this post **
I decided to test myself a few weeks ago to see how good I was after years(!) of inactivity. I went to this place that I had been to a few times and I had enjoyed their massage and their unconventional(!) sex service. Sorry to be so blunt but that is true. Their massage is good and very relaxing and at the end they help you, most of the time, to relax even more, although I'm sure that their last part of service is not as good as what a Caucasian woman would provide. In addition to that, and in case you need to know, these gals are all Chinese. There's a big number of women from that country who are in this business in the city and evidently they're happy with what they do. I remember a few years ago the municipality tried to organize them but I'm not sure whether they were successful or not. Probably not, just like the way they tried to fix the problem with the basement suites.
Prostitution has been going on for years in China. I remember reading a novel by Pearl Buck years ago, I guess it was Dragon Seed, and it's about the Japanese invasion of of China (or probably Manchuria to be exact) and in a part when Japanese soldiers are about to take girls and women in a village that they had captured, prostitutes volunteer to go with them and they basically save all the girls and women of that village. 
Anyways I was there and I realized the one who opened the door is not the one I was expecting. There's this sort of owner/primary person and then there's this second person pert-time woman who is younger, more beautiful and better(!) in what she provides. I went in with the hope that I see the second one because I knew that was the day that she was working but saw the primary one! Not the primary in terms of quality of service of course but who cares? I wanted to test myself to see how good I was. She said that the other girl had gone to China for vacation! It's funny that I've been out of my real job for more than 2 years and have not been able to even to go to Edmonton for a day due to the costs and my shit situation. These gals with no education, minimum English language knowledge working as pretended masseuses, doing whatever it takes to make money, go to vacation as long as and as often as they want!
In there I ask for a massage because I was really tired and as I said earlier their massage is really good and helps the muscles to relax. She used the oil and did the entire back from neck to calves. Then they usually ask you to turn back and ask what you would want them to do. There are different services: Fellatio, male's organ stimulation by hand and of course coitus. I asked her to do the second and then the last. She suggested to do the last and then the second, in that order, based on the reasoning she had! I didn't want to argue with someone who barely speaks English. So I pretended that I understood her reasons and I agreed!
She brought a condom and started with a little fellatio to make it ready. I was ready and then I started with missionary. That was not so bad but then we had to change positions a few times: Doggy, she on the top and then eventually I standing and she laying on her back on the edge of the bed. That was when I pumped her really hard and I enjoyed a little. I must say here that I had thought I would release much sooner but fortunately it didn't happen. She was insisting to give me a hand because according to her we were running out of time! At the same time I was insisting to have more time! During these changes of position and pumping her hard, I think, she felt sore a little. I don't think I'm very big and I don't think she was tight. So I don't know if that was my speed or something else! Eventually after her face turned quite similar to the photo that I wanted to put here and I didn't for obvious reasons and I must say that I enjoy make her sound like that she said she had to release me by hand and pointed at the time again. I agreed because I didn't want to argue again. It would have ruined the whole session! She took the condom off and that was when I suggested to go to the bathroom because I knew she wouldn't do that in the room. I wanted to cum while standing. That would have had more pleasure. She said something stupid: No they have camera everywhere!! I again didn't say anything and laid on my back. She poured lots of oil on my junk area and started stroking fast. She wanted to get over it as quick as possible. I, in the meantime, helped her with touching her but it was not as easy and fast as she had thought! I even asked her to caress my balls and she did. Eventually after minutes I exploded and it was so much that it sprayed on my chest and my palms! She carried on until I finished and then asked me not to move and cleaned me. I don't know why I came that much or that hard but that was good but I'm sure that would have been more pleasure, if I had come in her or while standing and receiving the service. I was directed to the shower by her after that. I don't know how leading me to the shower completely naked was OK by her but releasing me there was not! I didn't tell her that once I had been given a very good hand by one of her girls (who does not work there anymore) and I had come all over the carpet in the room! She would have been not very happy, had I told her! Based on the story, I'm still not sure if I passed the test or not. I think I will have to redo it but with a different attendant. 
(Photo: Pearl Buck was born in the US but spent years in China as her father was sent there as a missionary. Most of her novels are about the years she spent in the country. Here she's seen hugging a little Chinese girl who by the way is not as cute as The Brave's daughter!)

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