Sunday, April 08, 2018

Busted My Hump over March's V. Work

I spent an entire morning in a disgusting, nasty McDonald's working on the damn volunteer work last weekend with the very high anticipation and hope that I can be the selected one again, this time for the month of March. Wrong! The result came out with a week delay and a complete disappointment: I was not the best one! I couldn't believe that and I still cannot.
Most of my time in March was spent on preparation for this career that I've been pursuing, the damn very physically demanding job, lazing around (as a result of extreme tiredness) watching YouTube clips and similar(!) and doing nothing. I still expected that my work pays but evidently I was wrong. I'm still in the game, both in the volunteer one and the career. I have a few things that I have to do to get my career hiring process to the point that I only would wait for the results. Then I can focus on the volunteer job as well as, probably, the certificate that I abandoned and have to finish it.  April is a crucial month, if I can call it. This month, most likely, I will get the result: Whether I will go to Quebec for training (of a different kind) for the second time or not.
(Photo: A scene from one of the greatest sitcoms of all time Seinfeld. Kramer played by Micheal Richards is somehow is hired [and at the same time not hired!] by a company and in this scene tells Jerry, while pouring himself some booze [indicating it has been a tough day at work], that he busted his hump with the reports! I usually like a picture with every post and that's why I used this) 

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