Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Test/Interview

I had to write a test and then attend a short interview for the next part of my career application. There was already one person when I got to the venue. We had a little chat and then four others joined. Three guys and a gal. One guy, who looked Oriental was the last one who showed up. A lanky guy who looked immature as soon as he entered by the way he behaved and talked! I will have more on this guy later. We all sat at a table and got ready for the test. Explanation was provided by a lady and we started. The first part of the test comprised of nearly 700 questions! We could take breaks as long as we needed. Most of the guys were fast and of course finished before I did. I guess the girl was the first one. The next step was nearly 300 questions and eventually you would sit to talk to the interviewer.
The interviewer, a nice old gentleman in his late 60's, I would say, asked a few questions and jotted notes down quickly. I don't know whether he was impatient or that was the way the interview should have taken places but he mostly didn't expect long answers and explanations. I don't think I will be successful at that stage which means the end of this process for me. He said he only would have recommendations for the employer. It would be them who make the final decision but considering that he found me " Emotional " I think my chance of going to the next stage is very slim. In fact if anyone passes this step, he or she is practically in because after this stage it will only be medical examination to attend to and reference check. Although I might have small issues with the lather, I believe that medical examination is very easy for me. The guy whom I met the first said that he had still not done his physical examination done! I remember that I was told that the employer would not even consider you a candidate if you have not passed PARE. So I don't know how he was there!
Now more about that lanky, Oriental-looking guy. We sat as the last two who were supposed to be interviewed. Somehow the conversation led to two interesting subjects: He was at the CFLRS last summer! He was an Afghan from Hazara ethnicity! While I understand their language as it's a branch of Persian, we never talked in the language (called Dari) and I didn't get what platoon or section he was part of. He is posted to CFB Edmonton, I guess he said. Not that is important for me or anyone. However he wants to cahnge to this job that I have applied for. From the way he behavied and his language I could tell that he has been here in Canada for a long time. He also was the only other person rather than me and perhaps one more who had issue with some therminology and idoms in the examination meaning that despite spending long years in the country, he's not as good as a native English speaking person. For sure he knows the languge of street particularly now that he is a CAF member(!) but when it comes to grammar and textbook language he sucks although it shouldn't be that bad because he supposedly have a degree. Although having a degree means sh*t. The Mumbling Guy has a Master's here and doesn't barelly know his a*s from his elbow when it comes to wrting and speaking in English! I remember that he used to call me to his office every time that he wanted to send an e-mail to cleint or another significant counterpart! Now he's enjoying his 5 figure salary and I have to work like a freaking horse for a bunch of stupid a*sses who barely now anything about organization, productivity, quality, continouos improvement and sililar concepts of today's modern industry. 
I sent all the documents and forms to the employer less than a week after the test/interview. There was a bunch. The only thing that I should do now is to wait to see whether I pass the test/interview and if there's a problem with my documents. I also have this fear of reference check. Most of my references are OK but I'm just not sure about this new guy that I have started working with late last year. I have been offered a permanent position by these disgusting disorganized guys and although I don't like working for them I have no choice but to work until my situation is clear. I'm afraid that if he is asked about me he brings up the issues I've had with The Caribbean Pile of Shit and as well gets upset that I would be leaving after all the training that he had provided. What can I do?
(Photo: Both of the tests were multiple choice and not quite easy. No paper was given to sign to ask that the content of the test should not be released because the answer would be different from person to person and for most there's no right or wrong answer. However knowing the questions, I believe, would help the applicants to prepare themselves. They could fake answers which would seem correct to the exam marker)

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