Saturday, April 07, 2018

Another Test: A Failure!

** Notice: If you're offended by even mild sexual content, please avoid this post **
I wrote about a successful test(!) that I had a few weeks ago. Then I decided to test myself with a new material with the same nature! I had lots of confidence and got it back, I believed. So I went to this nearby place and I was greeted by a tiny Oriental girl. That was my first time in that place. The room seemed a normal one, seemingly clean and a soft music was being played. As usual the session started with a massage which was not bad. Then again as usual the question was asked that what I wanted followed by being asked to turn over. being confident from the past encounter I suggested to have coitus(!) and as expected, it was accepted immediately.  
This however was a bit different experience. The girl let me to take her bra off and I have to say that her nipples were incredibly prominent! She was flat-chest, almost with big nipples pointing at me! My reaction to those, didn't bother her and she didn't resist or anything. I hope she enjoyed that. She then pursued to put a condom on me while saying that my penis was big. I don't think I have a big penis. It's just normal but for a petite girl like that it is big! I continued with foreplay while she was going along and then I decided to enter from Missionary position. I pumped a few times. She complained that I was big but did not have any other negative reaction rather than that. She either took it or just was saying I was big. Then I asked her to ride me while facing me. She went up on top and down a few times. That neither felt very enjoyable and I realized that I was about to fail! I was quite surprised at myself as why this time I was so close to ejaculation and so fast. I decided to use a technique that I had learnt earlier: Grab the penis from the shaft where the head is and squeeze hard! It seemed to be working temporarily but when I asked her to turn back and ride me while her back is toward me, I realized that I had ejaculated! It was ill-lit in the room but I could see that the condom had been filled with semen. Here was my mistake: I should have kept going and make myself ejaculated after probably 10 min. or so but instead I told her that I was done! Stupid! I know that I could do it but I just don't know why I did that. I guess even she was disappointed because sometimes they want to enjoy as much as they can too. I asked her if she wanted to have orgasm and she replied that hers was difficult to achieve! Then she offered me to shower and I know that we could go and shower together (I have an experience that another girl told me that she would shower with me but I denied) but I declined. I just don't feel comfortable to shower somewhere I'm not sure about the level of hygiene! I already expose myself to risks, so why would I increase that. I just put my cloths on and left. She saw me off to the door while had a towel wrapped around her. Failure! Now some might have a dramatic reaction to what I've written here. Please don't. I'm just putting myself into test to make sure my equipment is functional. Of course if I had accessed means to do so with a partner, I would have done it but I haven't been able to find someone. Perhaps I should work harder on this issue.
(Picture: This might be excessive but I almost felt the like this one I failed the test. Maybe not to that extent but if you don't feel that bad how would you then improve?)

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