Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Caribbean Pile of Shit

There are a series of, pardon me, useless islands between North America and South America, where it's called Caribbean Sea. Sometimes I don't even know what to say to the people who believe in God and nonsense such as that! I'm derailing from the story completely at the very beginning but if there had been a God, why would he (and another thing not she! Who says that God is male?!) create the world in this shape that there are people born in the middle of nowhere with basically nothing!? These simple example, in the daily life, I wonder if they ever come to the mind of retards who believe in God and nonsense similar to that! I bet they have a stupid reason for that! It's similar to an idiot who once when he/she asked why people of different races exist. He (I guess it[!] was a she) said because God likes variety!!! What kind of stupid, retard should you be whom not only believe in such a nonsense, but also claim that you even can read the so-called God's mind!!! 
Anyways there this guy who is originally from one of this tiny islands in the middle of nowhere in Caribbean Sea! He is probably one of the craziest people that I've ever worked with. He's nice and helpful most of the time though but not because he thinks he should help others. His help has authoritative roots! It means that he helps because he believes he's giving orders. That, however, is not the only problem. The side problem is that the damn supervisor is not able to shut him down, most of the times and permanently. That could be a major issue in a workplace, when the supervisor does not have enough authority or if he/she had, is not capable of using it. This one, whom I need to find a nickname for, is crippled but he has stood up against him a few times, including once that I've posted an amusing story (at least in my own view!) about it. There's been so many times in the past 5 months or so that I had just to shut up and take whatever crap he says! That's how I've survived so far and I can't wait to get the hell out of this place and it's not because of this maniac or anyone else, particularly. It's just the damn hard physical job, waking up early and driving to work, working in an environment which is cold and uncomfortable. Not to mention the lame wage that I received for that. In fact if it was not because of this f**king maniac (and one more a**shole), it would be much easier to put up with the work but it's not. To make the long story short, I'm going to bring a few intellectual quotes of him here and leave the judgement to you: 
  1. I won't go to America. I'm minority. They'll shoot me!
  2. I lived in Britain. Compare to these people here, I'm from mainland.
  3. I stopped in Australia on my way to Fiji. I didn't like Australians!
  4. Calgary is a big asylum. Everyone I've met has got a mental issue!
  5. I've been saying to myself that I'd leave Calgary in the past year. I will!
  6. I studied psychology. I almost have a diploma in psychology!
  7. I'm not Christian. This cross (pointing at his chest) is a symbol!
  8. I have three new years: Spring, Chinese and January the 1st! 
  9. I'm also a philosopher! 
  10. I'm physically here (workplace) everyday but my mind and soul is not! 
What a nut-bag! 
(Photo: This map here shows what is considered Caribbean. This nut-job is from one of these tiny islands that basically have nothing but a place, some of them, that rich and at time middle-class and even average Joe goes for vacation which basically lying in the sun and sipping into booze)

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