Saturday, December 12, 2020

Cheap People: The Nastiest Creatures

One of the very popular stinking toilets which people in this so-called G7 country go to, is Dollarama. It's a nasty stinking shithole which brings all sorts of garbage from mostly China and sell it to cheapskates of Canada. The funny thing is the country which considers itself a G7 member, if shuts stores such as this and Wal-Disgusting-Mart and similar, half of the population would go either hungry or naked!

G7 my ass! The country which barely can take care of its own people imports all sorts of poor and hungry from every corner of the world, every freaking year! There are problems with Indigenous people residents for years, they don't even have clean running water and this nasty, disgusting, greedy government brings Syrian refugees!! 
With that in mind, a couple of weeks ago I was driving by a Dollarama store and saw this Mercedes! This belongs to a nasty cheapskate who probably didn't even had a donkey to ride in the village that they were born or a drunkard and drug-addict Canadian who prefers to pay for booze and weed and then whatever is left to spend in this stinking store! Either way I have no respect for cheapskates and have no respect for Dollarama.
(Photo: With the economy getting worse year after year since 2015 when the price of crude collapsed, more and more of this garbage sellers are appearing in the city. When you're passing by this stores, you can smell cheap glue and plastic!)

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