Tuesday, December 01, 2020

My Recent Home Interview

I was about to completely screw up the scheduled interview today but I escaped that! I don't remember if the HR lady said 01:00 MST or 01:00 EST! So when the telephone rang, I was a bit surprised but got myself together and answered almost every question. There was this lady with a very thick British accent and I guess I was lucky that I understood most of the things she asked from 3400 km away! 
The interview took about 33 minutes and except for one question, which I initially had a problem understanding it because of her accent(!) I think I didn't provide bad responses to the rest. Here is what I don't like: The fact that a company's Quality Manager is way too far from where you are supposed to work and they interview you over the phone, it's quite bothering but i remember that the HR lady said that there would be another interview with a person in the facility. The Quality Manager did not ask many technical questions but asked questions in regards to my educations and my availability. It doesn't sound such a great opportunity to me but in this situation I am even thankful that I am considered and I keep my hopes up.
(Photo: The Union Jack, the official flag of Britain. It has an interesting history if you're interested) 

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