Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Company's Gift

The employers hold a Christmas party every year here but this year with Coronavirus and all the related restrictions it was not much of a party. However the company did whatever they could and it was better than nothing. They divided the employees to small groups of 5 to 10 and then scheduled them to have their lunch in separate rooms. Then gifts were provided to a number of employees based on draws and were put next to their lunch. I saw nothing at my time and grabbed my food and drink, put them both in my bag and went back to work because there are people who I don't want to see faces, let alone eating next to them.
No too long was passed that I heard the supervisor called me to the office. It usually is not a good sign to be called to the office! It's, most of the time, means that the individual has made a mistake and need a talking to! I used to be called to the office, on average probably, once a months or so, 6 months or more ago, for mistakes or complaints from the assholes! Not any more! I'm a very dependable employees now who works more than 8 hours a day like a horse with my head down! 
So I go to the office and as soon as I step in there's this chubby, delicious(!) Caucasian woman in front of me holding a small box, and moving it before my eyes! I didn't get the point, at first because I'm not a fan and follower of the product that she was holding as a gift for me but then they told me what it was and I realized why probably they didn't want to leave it to my lunch! It was an Apple product! I thanked everyone and left but that was when I realized why one of a so-called Team Leads was asking me weird things the day before! He was asking me if I liked a certain brand and I said no. he said that he would put down $100 for the exchange of whatever I would won tomorrow! Now I know that he knew this gift would be given to me! So based on that we continued our conversation over the price and he didn't go up pat $140!
I then put the thing on Kijiji to see if I could get a better deal. I was not patient and I'm usually not, which has had catastrophic results for me in my life from huge to minor! After receiving only two response I decided to sell it to the fella for the price! The next day I got an offer of $200
(Photo: My gift. Information is removed for privacy reasons!)

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