Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Surprise of 2020

Only few hours are left to the miserable year of 2020. For me it was not that bad. I kept my job, worked 6 freaking days a week, at times 9 hours a day, I moved in to this property that I'm comfortable in and I'm still alive! I lost a very good opportunity in the last weeks of the year though. But what can I do? I have to work much harder now.
With all that in mind Covid pandemic has not been the surprise of the year for me. It's been the misery of the year. The surprise of the day just happened yesterday, the 30th, my last day at work in year 2020. I entered the office like any other day to get prepared for work and said hello to the supervisor. Here, for the first time in more than 1 year that I have been working for this company, the supervisor, after saying hello, goes: How are you ... ? This has never happened!! I'm shocked! And I go: I'm fine ... . How are you? As much stupid as it might sound to many, our supervisor, and I have to say that I like him, as I have mentioned before, barely says hello or ask how people are. He has a number of favorite employees and he only talks to them, the so-called team leaders. If he wants to issue an order verbally, he barely talks to people. He issued his orders through his team leader. At time he talk to the others directly. It pretty much is a military fashion! You never talk to your Sergeant directly. You make sure you talk to someone in lower rank, first. 
I had my annual performance review just a few days before that and despite a few mistakes I have had, and he didn't even mention them, he said he was happy with my performance and I saw that he had given me good marks on my sheet. He also went: You never know. You might be going to a higher level of employment in the company. But who wants to stay in this company for ever!? I will get the hell out as soon as I find a good position but until then, I will work hard and keep the supervisor and the company happy.  
(Photo: Finishing 2020 with all the bad memories. I didn't mention that I lost my beloved Aunt. She was the only caring relative I've ever had. Used to call me from the old country to see how I was and I the idiot only sent her a letter after I saw him the last time in 2014. She was sick in her last months and I never called her and now I regret so much. She was next to me after my Mom and irreplaceable)

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