Saturday, May 22, 2021

Bugaboo Provincial Park

It's 5.5 months into 2021 and since the entire 2020 was wasted due to the stupid job I have and the pandemic, I decided to have another hike this past week. Although it's a bit early but my Mexican buddy agreed and we headed toward west on a cloudy morning on his pick up truck. That's what I like about this fella: He is not a silly cheap as*hole like a few that I have been to hike with.
Our destination was Bugaboo Provincial Park in western British Columbia. So you get to Highway # 95 , southbound from Highway # 1 and get yourself to Radium Hot Springs. From that town you go north until you get to the small community of Brisco
It is in that village that you need to get on a gravel road into the woods and drive up for almost 1 hour. If it had not been because his pick up truck, we would never have been able to get ourselves into the woods but the road got so bad that we eventually had to leave the vehicle truck and walk. 
After nearly 50 minutes of driving in a narrow, gravel, mountainous road we decided to reduce the risk by walking the rest at this point.

It was okay because that's why we were there but the problem was we were not able to reach any point which say this actually is the entrance to the park! There was no sign and there was nobody. There were so many private properties at the side of the road and we wondered what those people were doing there in the middle of the woods! In  fact we saw cattle and obviously that was one of the things people do there, in addition to logging! 
We walked for a bit more than hour in snow and sun and the road got steep at times. It was almost 16:30, I think, that we decided to go back because we certainly didn't want to drive down the mountainous road at night. One thing that I must add here and stress on, is the fact that my GPS helped us a lot. The funny thing is the way back to the main road (Highway # 95, north)  was partially, I mean only part of it(!), was different from the way on the way to the top. There is a lake that we saw on the way up and we by-passed it on the way back down!
Anyways this trip was just to explore the area and we didn't take any map and didn't bother asking anyone either in Radium or Brisco, regardless of the fact that I'm not sure if there was anyone available but the trip back home took really long or at least this is how I felt! By the time I was home it was passed midnight! One thing I'm sure of is that if someone spends the night at Radium or if there's a place in Brisco, in there, the next days trip + hike would be pleasant in late June or after.
(Photo: One of the many mountains in the park or perhaps it should be said a few of many summits in the park. It's climbing should be interesting) 

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