Tuesday, May 25, 2021

It is too Freaking Late!

If this question ever comes to your mind: Who are the stupidest people in the world? 
What would your answer be? I would candidate Canadians as a possible correct answer! Why? Because they destroyed and keep destroying one of the most beautiful countries in the world by their stupidity and greed. In the so-called Lower Mainland British Columbia, the fool Canadians destroyed half of the region by cutting trees and built houses and condominiums and selling them to Asians in a way that the population of Asians is more than combined the Aboriginals and Canadians! If you could find any place in the entire world that people are as stupid as this, name it to me. 
Apart from a little farming and a number of small technology companies, the only jobs available in Brit "SHIT " Columbia is logging, fishing, which is mostly fish farming and public services. The rest have to work like horses to make ends meat. Many work under-the-table jobs or some call it cash. Those shitheads have their own problems which is not the subject of this post (tax evaders). Oh! I almost forgot this; 1 out of 5 British Columbians works in tourism industry. Interestingly all of those people are screwed really badly now because of the damn pandemic. 
Part of Bow Valley and TransCanada Highway shortly before the town of Canmore. As you can see on the top left of the picture the mountain is used as a mine and facilities have been built to use that ore and process it to whatever they want. These are only parts of the destruction in Canada. Just a tiny part. I took this picture on my way to the summit of Middle Sister one of the major mountains in the town of Canmore
But what I wanted to mention here is the fact that they have gone too far now that there's no way that they can stop the destruction. And of course it's not my word. It's what Davis Suzuki, the Japanese-Canadian environmentalist says. It's like a spacecraft which has reached the point of  no return!
With all that said, it was in the news just today that two major development project are cancelled in the town of Canmore. Thanks whoever had a little functioning brain in their skull and voted against these devastating projects. For the ones who don't know much about Canmore I should say that it's a very nice little town in Bow Valley of Alberta in western Canada, surrounded by beautiful mountains, forest and lakes. I have done a number of nice hikes around the town and I'm happy that the place is not going to be ruined by the ugly condominiums, roads and bridges. 
(Photo, top: A very familiar scene in British Columbia. Trees are cut to be processed and sold to the builders and exported to the US for the same reason)

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