Saturday, May 15, 2021

Ryan Gosling's New Movie

Many people know Ryan Gosling, the actor from London, Ontario. Many didn't like his performance in Blade Runner: 2049 but I liked it. He had a good performance and that's the only movie of him that I've seen so far plus First Man which is a biography of Neil Armstrong. It's an okay movie and interesting to the ones who have not read Armstrong's biography(!), including me. His performance is okay, just like the way it was in Blade Runner: 2049. So that's probably why many people don't take him seriously!
With that said, it's in the news these days that he is portraying a young Taliban fighter who rises to fame for being outspoken and eventually becomes a local commander and creates a new branch of Taliban which disagrees with many of the fundamentals of the original group and ...
I'm not going to spoil that. It's been said that it will be in many theaters in the US since the pandemic laws are loosen there, soon but I have no idea about Canadian shows. The movie has been titled The Adamant. 
(Photo: Ryan Gosling is seen here in the center back as a young Taliban fighter. The machine guns that the other two are holding is Dshk which is the abbreviation translation of the Russian abbreviation(!) ДШК. It stands for Degtyaryov-Shpagin large-caliber which is a Soviet design large caliber machine gun. These have been the favorite Afghan's weapon in the past 40 years) 

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