Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Did I Get It?!

Alberta now has the most number of infected individuals for every 100,000 people in the entire country. I'm not going to write the detail as it's available on the web but what's interesting is the number of people who still refuse to accept the fact that it's a deadly virus and get together for " Rodeo " or a " freaking stupid church service! " 
Where and when, in the world, any religion has helped anyone that now helps a bunch of stupid losers somewhere in northern Alberta, I think in Edmonton or nearby!?
With that in mind a came home a few days ago, perhaps after my massage and I had all sorts of bad physical feelings! I don't know what percentage of it was from the massage and what percentage was only illusion. With the cases going up and up every day, I think I'm eligible(!) to be scared!
I will have to wait to see if there're any symptoms. Then will probably, probably(!), act upon it
(Photo: This actually was not the first time I suspected that I was infected but it was false every time. I will have to be careful in the past few months that are left) 

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