Monday, May 17, 2021

My New Machine!

 I have already written about my troubles with so-called bread(!) here in Canada and one solution that I have found. Now I have more options after buying this bread maker. It has a number of options and different recipes and since I only eat Whole Wheat Bread, I tried to use that option, which is option # 5, not that it is important or anything. Result? Not so good? 
Why? Because I altered the recipe and that is why that the user has been warned about! It was not so bad but I cut salt, sugar, milk and any other ingredients rather than water, flour and yeast and the outcome was like a not very proportional middle-sized rock! 
The taste was not too bad but I know now that it could have been much better.
The good thing about the machine is you can add all of the ingredients to its container at night and when you're going to work in the morning, turn it on. Fresh bread, which is cooled off, will be ready when you are home. 
The second time I used the machine the result was not much better but now I know exactly what I will have to do for the next time! 
(Photo: The Black + Decker bread maker. I wonder if that is the same as Black & Decker or someone used this old trick to sell his machine! I'm not disappointed since I still have not used the machine regularly. I'm sure it will be working just fine)

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