Sunday, May 30, 2021

Two Different Truck Stories


Lazy Ass told me a short story of a truck driver, a Caucasian fella, whom he encountered when they were stopped at a traffic light a few weeks ago. He said that while they were waiting for green, he grabbed his phone to check, as this is today's addiction of the majority of the people! The truck driver yelled at him to put the phone down! He said that he could have gotten into a heated argument or possibly even a fist fight but let it go!
A day after that I went to a London Drugs location to pick up a big item that had been ordered earlier. A tiny Asian guy from the store helped to put it in the back of the car as he believed it would fit! While we were struggling, I heard someone asked if we needed help. I turned and there was this Caucasian fella with both arms tattooed to the shoulder! He looked scary but I asked he much how would charge. He said: Nothing! And added that he just wanted to get something from inside and we would be heading to my place! I thanked him and with the help from the guy from the store put the item in the back of his truck.
He then drove me home. I put the package in the garage and we went to where I had parked. I got his number and now we're supposed to meet the moment that the restrictions are lifted. He might not be the kind of the guy that I usually hang out with but I need to show him that I have not forgotten him and I will thank his favour, at least with drink. 
(Photo: A Dodge Ram. A popular pick up truck in North America)

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