Friday, January 30, 2004

Horizontal Snowing!

It has been so cold during the week that it's not even easy to walk on the streets. I have never felt cold like this since I came to Canada. It's snowing right now and it's horizontal snowing! It means if you walk you'll have snow flakes right in your face and makes walking almost impossible. Saskatchewan is the coldest Province, boasted the lowest temperature on earth Wed. Key Lake in the north of the province dropped to -52.3 ºC without the windchill, while Meadow Lake in the south dropped to -60 ºC with the windchill. Highways are covered with snow and schools are closed. So are the other provinces, mostly! The only warm(!) place is BC, which is 0 to 2 ºC.
It's -22 ºC now (getting warm!) but feels like -34 ºC because of windchill. According to forecasts this cold will last till next weekend.
(Photo: This picture which was taken in Apr 2014, more than 10 years and 2 months after this post is a perfect example of horizontal snow in Canada! I was driving from Vulcan to Lethbridge in southern Alberta and encountered this distance sign on Highway 23 and could not resist! I pulled over, pulled out the camera and took this photo. If you pay attention, there are two lines for two destinations. The first letter of the top destination is M and that could point to Milk River because that is the second most traveled community in the area after Lethbridge but I kind of see an O after M. So I'm really not sure! The second lines clearly reads Lethbridge. This was between 09:30 and 10:15 AM. Sun was going up and the snow has started melting)