Thursday, September 08, 2005

Absolute Mess!

I didn't want to write about the interview I had last Tue. and messed it up so bad but thought should write 'cause it's a good lessen for me and also experience.
As I mentioned earlier that was an interview for a ISO Auditor with a big oil and gas company called Worley Parsons. I was on time and two ladies, one from HR and the other one the Quality Manager interviewed me. It reminds me of the period I used to work for EIED, a branch of OIEC. The Quality Assurance Manager over there was a lady too and I had a good time working with her (Well most of the time I made up stories and fooled her!)
Anyway she started asking questions about ISO 9000:2000 and I didn't give her good answers as I didn't expect her to ask me technical questions. The HR lady asked a few questions too that I was better at. Here are a few of them which are considered new:

  1. Did the company only send you for further education or there was somebody else? (I told them that I got a certificate from SAIT in QA and she asked if the company sent me and I confirmed!) (I guess she was teasing me! Why would someone ask such a question in interview?)
  2. What was your salary compare to what you expect from us? (They asked me to give them a range and I said 45-50 K and then told them - in response that it's a little bit higher than mine when I used to work in Iran!)
  3. Do you have your references' contact with you? (Damn! No one has asked me that before. I'll have 'em ready next time I'm being interviewed!)
The other questions are mostly the same crap that are being asked in every f**king interview. Damn me! I lost a very good opportunity and may take weeks, even months to have a career like that posted: Downtown job, travels, well-paid, good experience. F**k!

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