Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Sometimes I'm about to believe that I'm a very unlucky guy! I received a mail from CIC indicating that they need a finger print from me for my citizenship purposes!! And that's because They f**king think that my names resembles somebody else's who might have done a crime or has broken the law!!! They didn't mention that but implied it! I call one of the places which do finger print and was told it costs about $26 but I'm goin' to call them and ask them for the reason, although I don't think that I can change anything. I'm sure it's because of my name 'cause I haven't done anything. Paying $26 for nothing and taking one day off the work just because they don't like my name! That's all. They also started processing my application in Aug.26 which is almost 6 months after I sent the documents. I guess It'll take one full year if I'm lucky enough!

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