Monday, September 26, 2005

LA for Louisiana Not Los Angeles

America's costs usually are hit by different types of hurricanes. I don't know how they are named by meteorologists but a few weeks ago New Orleans in LA was hit by hurricane Katrina and more than 1000 people got killed (Out of more than 450,000 pop. while the whole city was drowned). Texas was hit by another one last week, called Rita. I don't know what exactly happened in there but know that they were ready and based on the experience they got from the last one, were pretty prepared. This story being told every year.
But what links this to another post of mine which is goin' to be told here is the movie JFK. I bought this movie I don't even know when! May be 2 may be 3 years ago and just finished watching it tonight for a few reasons. First of all it's a long movie: 03:01 hour! Second of all as the whole story happens in the South (Reminds me of Southern Comfort, another movie which the story happens in LA!), it's really hard to understand their strong Southern accent. It's like a strong British accent to understand. As hard as that! Also if you wanna know what's happening in the movie, which is an investigation to John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, you gotta focus and understand every part of it.
...Hold your horses! (As Southern people say for what most of other people say: Wait a sec. or Hold on or as Jim Carrey says: Hold the phone!) I just saw in Yahoo! that the DVD set (Which includes 2 disks) is released in 11.11.03. So less than 2 years passed the date I bought it.
Anyhow the movie is so brilliant and but complicated too. You have to remember every name and who met who to understand the whole network of the assassins. I wonder why such movies never affect people. For example Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore (I don't like this asshole at all. Hate him a lot!) which intended to prevent George W. Bush to win the election for the second time, never worked and he won. I should indicate here that I was really happy when Bush was elected again because of what he's doing in Iraq. JFK is much stronger than that and impressed me deeply.
(Photo: This map of southern US and gulf of Mexico shows the possible path of hurricane Rita, which is different from Katrina's, the one that hit New Orleans)


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