Friday, September 23, 2005

Eaton Electric

There was a job posting in Calgary Herald a few weeks ago indicating that Eaton Electric needs a Quality Champion (The one who supports quality) for their office (Or plant) in Airdrie (A small town just a few min. up north Calgary). I applied for that job, sending my resume by e-mail (It was Aug.29) and the day before when I checked my voice mail box, I noticed that have a message from that company.
I called them and a woman called Debbie asked him to call back at noon and indicated she's in the US, somewhere in a Central Time division. I don't remember the city she mentioned. I told her that I'd call her again at about 12:45 PM which is 11:45 AM their time. When I called again she apologized for not taking my call and said that can't take it now either! She said she would call me. But she never did! Strange people!

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