Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Human or Machine?!

I was thinking about my life compare it to the others I know or I don't. I mean a normal human being at my age:
  • I work a hard job 8 hours a day, sometimes 6 days a week and stay overtime off and on!
  • I barely see people, I mean as friends of mine. May be once a month! Most of my social life is through the net which is not considered sociable at all!
  • I have no girl in my life or better to say my sexual life is completely shitty!
  • I don't eat good food most of the time! It's mostly healthy food but no taste or variety!
  • My hobbies are mostly watching movies or going to a movie theatre once in two weeks or e-mailing my friends and surfing the web, going to gym and running like a kicked dog(!) or lifting heavy plates(!) while people come with the most beautiful girls and of course the ones who don't have their own after work out! I wonder how I do this at this age after working so hard!
  • The place I live in now is not a place that a human lives! No one else would live here but I have to 'cause I want to pay off my debts. The last two places I were to,  were much more better.
  • The way I study for my CQE exam sucks! And it's all because of the problems mentioned above!
Simply put the way I live now is far from the way a normal human being lives! And I wonder how I'm used to that! I was thinking the other day that It's very hard for me to get married because I have no time for a woman in my life! That's why I never ask the girls I like out or never go to clubs, bars and parties to find someone for me. Consider this: The plant is off in the coming Sat. and here is my plan:
  1. Fri. night: stay overtime until 09:00 PM (14 hours work!) get home at about 09:45 PM. Have a shower. Eat dinner. Check e-mails and favorite websites. Go to bed!
  2. Sat.: Prob. have my breakfast in Denny's (It's been more than a month that I wanted to go there!). Photography of fall in Calgary. Prob. playing chess with Ali G. (If he's not busy with his gf). Study. Going to gym.
  3. Study. Go to gym.
You see? There's no room for normal life activities! Am I a human or a machine? May be I'm a robot! That reminds me of the song, Robots by Kraftwerk! But the life I have is closer to an animal's life rather a machine or robot!

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